Demo 2016

by Rising

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Recorded at Seratonin Studio
Mixed and mastering by Back Forty Recordings


released October 19, 2016



all rights reserved




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Track Name: Convicted
Your body pulses soaked in the darkness of night.
Nightmare scream is what you're waken up by.

Depression is all that you feel.
Everything that you know
lost the sense of it.
Convicted of the crimes you commit.
You stare motionless into the sky but your eyes bleed.

Salvation would seem to be sweet.
Never ending pain controls your deep breath.

Poisoned mind can't separate the truth from what is false.
This is how the reality unfolds.
Tremble from your bones boiling blood
made you lost control.
Shiver and fever stole your repose.

Chain rattle of slaves' legs is your wake up call.

You're locked up deep inside your head with one way - to pass away.
As you hold on to the past, you die a little each day.
Track Name: Alone
Running on my own in a search of salvation
streets' lights blind me with their evil eyes.
Can't see the purpose of my rove, damned to walk in circles forever.

Guilty as charged and shall be judged
by the gavel smash let me pass this world.
Too scared to die but it's so hard to live,
straying forever alone with my conscience.

All I've got is the voice that's coming back like an empty echo.
All alone on the throne of rotten blackthorns.

Track Name: Upon the Dying Breed
Standing in front of the walls with my head held high.
Built over broken lives and abandoned homes.

I've been condemned since my birth.
The end is here and I'm left on my own
It's my final moment of pure glory.
I've risen high upon the ashes of fallen warriors.

Their shields were turned against my side.
The sound of crushing - the liturgy of mine.
I'll make you write your last will and testament tonight.

Engraved are my sacred words for the eulogy of yours.
Your life will end sooner than I even think of you.

Once fallen to the ground won't show a sign of fear.
I see your crumbling tears rolling down your cheeks, when you're face to face with the last days of your dying breed.

Thousand voices are screaming in my head.
It's always been this way
and it won't stop.
Track Name: Self Ruined
Born in suffer.
Bad seed of society.
Collected passions that ruin your ways.

Feed your temptation - just fill your emptiness.
You become a prisoner of your own sins.
Once got a chance but you did your worst.

You think you broke your shackles down bearing the weight of life.
Imprisoned mind can't realize what's wrong or right.
You reached the lowest depths and was encaged in that place.
Wide opened eyes can't see the light, because they are blind.

Once got a chance but you did your worst.
As long as you breath slowly you rot.
As long as you live deeper you fall.

Your rope's getting tighter.

Take a step - snap of a neck.
Nothing behind - this is the end.